Veterans Re-Adjustment

Note to Veterans: PTSD and re-adjustment counseling services are available FREE to qualifying veterans and their family members at VA and Vet Centers. Veterans can go to the following link for more information: Vet Center or try to reach the VA directly through one of the toll free numbers listed at VA Benefits.

Experience and Difference:

With more than 18 years of experience working with veterans and having served as the Team Leader at the Brooklyn Vet Center since 1998, I have long been considered an expert in the field of veterans issues and post traumatic stress.

For years my focus has been on helping service members with their readjustment experience as they transition from military life back into the civilian workforce. This transition, whether from a straight military capacity, or having served in combat will have had some impact on how they work with others. Coming home consists of much more than a demobilization interview and a simple discharge.

Regardless of Era, many veterans have never utilized the VA for several reasons. Post-traumatic stress disorder is simply just one of the headline reasons. Too much paperwork, hassles, etc., but not all re-adjustment issues equate to PTSD.

I have for years worked with servicemen and women from all walks of life, from all eras of military service. People that I have helped work through severe traumata and experiences that they themselves felt were not so bad but the average American would not necessarily be able to understand. To folks with little or no complaints,

But if you have PTSD there are different degrees of severity. Some require more intensive treatment options, where others can be worked through in weekly therapy sessions. PTSD is not always debilitating but can play out in subtle ways, and with a focused, goal directed, treatment plan you can begin to feel better sooner rather than later. There is an assessment, a treatment plan with agreed goals, and then we will develop the smoothest transition that best suits your needs.

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