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From time to time, I elaborate on topics such as anxiety (example post below) to deepen our interaction and create additional avenues of personal learning. I view our work as a dialogue and welcome your topic suggestions.

My hope is that you will find these writings both useful and practical and that they can become simple additions to your life. Some will allow you to feel more in charge of the tone of your day, where others may enhance your professional and personal relationships.

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Anxiety is generally something most people try to avoid. But we all experience it, and it can be used to our advantage. Too little anxiety can mean you are resting on your laurels- living within your routine and without risk. Too much anxiety can lead to indecision, insecurity, undermine your leadership and induce stress in yourself, your subordinates and others. So try to always get enough rest and remember to:

1. Be aware of your surroundings and dress appropriately for the event.
2. Plan ahead for meetings and be prepared, review last week’s minutes, know who will be there.
3. Have your own ideas as well, and at least 3 interesting talking points pertinent to the meeting’s agenda.

With a little planning, anxiety can be managed. If you have a tendency towards anxious feelings don’t test yourself before that big meeting. Plan ahead instead and you will be less likely to self-sabotage. And while you’re at it, get plenty of sleep the night before. Stick with decaf before a meeting if you are out grab bottle of water to keep your hands cool. Have a piece of fruit if you’re hungry.

Be aware of how anxiety affects you through your day- to- day life, and of course your leadership style. Continue to monitor your personal progress as you build confidence at home and at the office.

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