Psychotherapy begins with a basic awareness of the effect that your thoughts have on your perceptions of the world and your place in it. Self-sabotaging behaviors can negatively influence your relationships and diminish your level of effectiveness in all areas of your life. Awareness of these behaviors is a good first step, but more is needed to maintain lasting change.

Awareness – Understanding – Solution

Through understanding the motives that direct your thoughts and actions you can develop the realistic view of yourself necessary to make lasting change. My approach is to develop a plan of treatment that is client-focused and most helpful to you. In my practice, I have helped many people modify counter-productive patterns of thinking and behavior to improve the quality of their lives.

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Customarily the cost of counseling and psychotherapy is reimbursable at some level. This varies by insurance provider and by policy, however, so check with your insurance provider and ask about “out of network rates” or request a “within network” referral.

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