Pinnacle Coaching

Coaching is a focused, systematic approach to meeting challenges and helping you to get out of your own way. Ultimately the attainment of your goals is your responsibility. I will work with you to reach them in an efficient, systematic way. Together we will explore your goals and develop a strategy that works for you.

My method is based on a twelve session model where each session builds on the momentum of the previous one. Through this process you will discover that you are in charge of how you perceive and deal with your challenges. As you develop a better appreciation for how your motives, behaviors, and patterns can pose obstacles to achieving your goals, together we will learn to overcome these obstacles.

Here is a brief overview of what to expect from this program:


Session 1: Identify your expectations of coaching:

How do you think you can benefit from coaching? What are your goals? Addressing these questions together is the starting point in a coaching relationship. The key to success is defining your objectives at the outset, while remaining open to developing them further as you move through the process.

Sessions 2 and 3: Set Your goals and design an action plan:

After you have determined what your goals are, we will design a specific action plan for you to achieve them. This is where the bulk of the work takes place. It is where together we develop incremental steps to systematically get you to where you want to go.

Sessions 4 to 10: Monitoring progress and building momentum:

As you continue to develop momentum you may find that you need additional support or want to re-examine your objectives. This is why being flexible and not feeling frustrated in your development are important skills in this process. Like all skills, they are learned, and will become integral to achieving and maintaining your success.


Sessions 11 and 12: The “Tune Up” sessions:

During these sessions we fine tune any concerns in your progress by continuing to develop a strategy that suits your personality and is in keeping with the momentum you have already begun to develop.

Follow-up sessions:

Once you have completed the Pinnacle Coaching program like many clients, you can continue to “check-in.” This is a great way to keep up your momentum and stay your course as you work toward attaining your goals and settling into that new leadership role. Graduates have gained significant leadership and self knowledge through the Pinnacle Coaching program, and many have been surprised by the amount of self-awareness that they walked away from the program with.

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